Choosing between Unix and Windows Web Hosting Service

Few people take the time to realize that making the most effective use of web hosting is more than simply finding the most favorable host provider and having some tech professional set things up for you. Well, maybe it can be that simple if you wish to gamble with the future of your web site.

But if you recognize that every decision you take with regards to web hosting will have a drastic impact on the over all efficacy of your web site’s operation, you might begin to understand just how considerable the number of decisions you have to take with regard to web hosting are.

While most individuals will remember to take the type of hosting services available such as shared or dedicated into consideration, not every one remembers the operating system questions. This post focuses on how to choose between Unix hosting and Windows Web Hosting Service

When looking at the different operating systems the purpose isn’t exactly to figure out which is the best one of them all but rather to try and determine which one will best meet your needs. As far as hosting is concerned there are four primary operating systems in use, namely:

  • Linux – which is very popular because of its cheapness.
  • Unix – similar to Linux yet more expensive and thus not as popular.
  • Macintosh – anyone wishing to use Macintosh might as well do their own hosting; Macintosh is that uncommon.
  • Windows – very popular, mostly because of its considerable support.

The differences between these two operating systems (Unix and Windows) can best be understood based on the following parameters:

As it stands few people will deny the fact that Unix is the more user friendly of the systems, yet windows has been known to boast of a control panel that vastly improves web site management across all platforms.

Any one trying to deny Unix’s superiority in this field will have to ignore the vastly greater up time that Unix servers enjoy, complimented by their unchallenged reliability and availability, this taking into account the operating system’s ability to handle greater loads in comparison with windows, a system in constant need of reboots unlike Unix. As far as stability goes, Unix stands at the top.

Strictly speaking most host providers will try to make available Unix and Windows servers that are considerable secure; however there is no denying the fact that because of its popularity, windows has considerably more viruses and worms written for its systems than Unix, increasing the risk of a breach.

It is easy to design web sites and systems on Unix servers and transfer them to windows for hosting. As it stands the reverse isn’t possible; web sites designed on windows servers cannot be hosted on Unix servers.

In this case windows may prove to be superior especially if your site has need of high performance database systems; because while Unix makes MySQL available, windows is armed with Microsoft Access as well as the vastly more powerful Microsoft SQL server and its advanced packages.

While both programs are easily adaptable to the growing needs of an organization, windows is superior in its ability to support Unix based PHP and MySQL, where Unix will not provide support for Windows based programs such as .NET

All in all Unix hosting seems to be the superior system, over all more compatible, adaptable and faster than windows. But then again choice might come down to need. The best providers of Unix web hosting include Bluehost and Hostmonster hosting. Hostgator supplies both Unix and Windows hosting. Get the Best Bluehost Offer here.

Posted on September 13, 2014